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Movie title: Being There

My rating *****


It's rather difficult for me to categorise this film. On the one hand it's tragic and dramatic. On the other it's a farcical comedy and a social statement on the ridiculousness of modern media.
I opted for Romance as beneath the surface is a tale of purest love. A love that Chance (Peter Sellers) has for life and the natural world, a love that he had for his former benefactor and a love that he is simply unaware of from Shirley MacLaine's Eve.
It's such a treat to see a film like this for the first time.
Peter Sellers' role is the perfect blueprint for films involving 'simple' characters; characters with an Autistic trait but characters with a genuine and direct nature. Loveable but fragile characters.
Think Forrest Gump. There are similarities.
I enjoyed this film with my girlfriend and some wine.
Beautifully acted and perfectly paced.
The ending will surprise but leave you feeling warmed to having met Chance, the lead character.
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