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Being There

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It's rather difficult for me to categorise this film. On the one hand it's tragic and dramatic. On the other it's a farcical comedy and a social statement on the ridiculousness of modern media.
I opted for Romance as beneath the surface is a tale of purest love. A love that Chance (Peter Sellers) has for life and the natural world, a love that he had for his former benefactor and a love that he is simply unaware of from Shirley MacLaine's Eve.
It's such a treat to see a film like this for the first time.
Peter Sellers' role is the perfect blueprint for films involving 'simple' characters; characters with an Autistic trait but characters with a genuine and direct nature. Loveable but fragile characters.
Think Forrest Gump. There are similarities.
I enjoyed this film with my girlfriend and some wine.
Beautifully acted and perfectly paced.
The ending will surprise but leave you feeling warmed to having met Chance, the lead character.

Icon - adults Adults only!
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